The Faculty had the cooperative relationship in scientific research, teaching and staff exchange with many universities such as Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 – France, Joseph Fourier University – France, University of Toyama – Japan, University of Hyogo - Japan, Karlstad University - Sweden, University of Tartu – Estonia and Ubon Ratchathani University – Thailand:

+ Participating in Dora T5 program of University Tartu – Estonia

+ Participating in a cooperative project with Thai Health Committee (2016-2017): Studying the impact of TPP on drugs selection and purchase at Vietnamese health facilities.

+ Collaborating with Assoc. Prof. Jean-Paul Thenot of France and clinical pharmacists specializing in cancer at Pittsburgh School of Medicine to hold training sessions on drug interactions as well as exchanges of expertise in pharmacy and clinical pharmacy training.

+ Collaborating with lecturers - clinical pharmacists specializing in cancer from Pittsburgh School of Medicine – the United States of America to hold a professional discussion on "Pharmacy Training in the US and Clinical Pharmacy in Cancer in the US" at Hue Central Hospital, and 02 professional discussions at the Faculty of Pharmacy - Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy about the topics of "Clinical Pharmacy in Cancer in the US" and "Active Teaching Methods"

+ Collaborating with the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Grenoble-Alpes on the development of clinical pharmacy to create the potential of students and lecturers exchanges and scientific research collaboration.

+ Being a member of the project "Development of Pharmacists‘ Capacity in the Primary Health Care System" chaired by Hanoi University of Pharmacy, sponsored by Wallonie-Bruxelles Foundation (Belgium). This project offers direct oppotunity of exchange and cooperation with prestigious universities worldwide on the development of clinical pharmacy which include the University of Liège (Belgium), Boston University (the USA), Ghent University (Belgium) ) and Leuven University (Belgium).

+ The Faculty members participated in the SAKURA exchange program, the training program at the Institute of Natural Medicine at the University of Toyama - Japan and Ubon Ratchathani University - Thailand, the Linnaeus - Palme exchange program at Karlstad University - Sweden, and PhD study at the University of Tartu - Estonia.

+ Every year, the Faculty accepts undregraduate and post-graduate students from Toyohashi Technical University (Japan) to come for internship. At the same time, the Faculty also send 5th year students to Toyohashi Technical University (Japan) to have short-term internship.

Welcoming the delegation of Karlstad University – Sweden (2013)

Students from Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 – France came for practising clinical pharmacy (2014)

Attending the 1st International Pharmacy Practice Conference at Mahasarakham University – Thailand (2014)

Seminar on Chemistry of Natural Products with University of Toyama – Japan (2014)

Training course on ‘Development of high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis in the analysis of pharmaceuticals’ by Prof. Lars Renman - Karlstad University, Sweden (2015)


Faculty staff members and students attending SAKURA program at Institute of Natural Medicine, Japan (2016)

Post-graduate students (Master) from Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan had graduation practice at the Department of Pharmacognosy-Traditional Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical Botany on natural compounds (2016)


5th year students of the Faculty attending SAKURA program at Toyohashi University of Technology, (2016)


Discussion on the cooperative opportunity in training and research with Dr. Szu Shen Wong - Keele University, United Kingdom (2017)

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